Strain Review: After Dinner

Strain Review: After Dinner

A few of my favourite things are purple — grapes, eggplants, violets, lavender and Prince.

Several of my favourite cannabis strains are purple too!

Quebec’s own Licensed Producer, Hydropothecary has a signature type of cannabis services and products it calls ‘Time of Day.’ Which makes it super possible for clients to find out exactly what medication to make use of at what time.

Is practical.

At $15/ a gram, it is the ‘Signature’ line, nevertheless the part that is greatis, you can easily order these things by the gram, if you simply want to check it out, you can easily purchase 1 gram of all of the their signatory buds.

After Dinner, and Indica principal strain, is a discussion beginner for both its appearance and its particular effects — more on that later on.

As I spill the clear cup container from it’s contents to essentially get a review ofthis lovely woman, i believe to myself, Barney the Dinosaur can be a much better title with this stress because it’s probably one of the most purple buds that are coloured We have ever noticed in my tenure as a cannabis aficionado. Continue reading